International girl friendly hotel directory! is a directory of call girl friendly hotels for single male travelers to bring in girls or guests for the night Sep 25, 2018 - 02:00 AM  
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Brazil 7
Cambodia 34
India 5
Laos 6
Mexico 6
Philippines 126
Russia 8
Singapore 13
Thailand 179
UAE 66
Ukraine 4
Vietnam 20

The Penthouse Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand

The most "adult" venue in Pattaya!

Please note the following:
- we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information
- joiner policies can change anytime
- refer to the booking site for definitve rates
- we do not "recommend" to use the hotels listed here, and it is in no way guaranteed you will have a good experience with them. While we try to filter out the worst shitholes, our focus is on providing info on joiner policies. Please refer to hotel review sites for recommendations. We might add such a function later.



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International girl friendly hotel directory FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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What are girl friendly hotels? What does girlfriendly mean?

When a hotel is girl friendly, this means that the guest which booked a room can bring visitors to his room during the day and during the night without paying additional fees to the hotel. Typically, male guests are likely to bring in a female guest for the night after partying in bars or discos. The number of guests is irrelevant for a truly girl friendly hotel.

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What is a "joiner policy"?

A hotel's joiner policy determines the hotel's stance on visitors. Hotel policies can differ from one hotel to another and even between hotels of the same chain. Some hotels will only accept visitors that were registered at booking, some accept only visitors that check-in together with the guest, some will accept one visitor at a time, some hotels will refuse male visitors when the guest is male, some will refuse ladyboys.
The hotel policy might also be to charge for any of these configurations.
A common policy is the first joiner is free and additional joiners will be charged for.

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How to best book hotels to ensure visitors can be brought in?

In most hotels, the rate for a double room will be the same for single and double occupancy.
So a guest should always make sure to book the room for 2 persons.
The hotel will then have a difficult time to refuse the second person.
If you are unsure about the hotel's policy, when you check-in, just say that your girlfriend will join you later.

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I have a question that has not been answered in these FAQ! What can I do?

please write an email to the webmaster of this site. The address is at the top of the page, on the right.

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I will arrive to Avani hotel in dubai at 25th novwmber 2016, how i can order a girlfriend during my trip?

Hello, this website doesn't deal in prostitutes or arranging sexual services!

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